WaSHGIS screenshotWaSHGIS is an online platform tailored for local Water Service Providers (WSPs), built by Upande. Besides storing all asset data in a standardized GIS database (developed with KEWASCO, KEWI, WASPA, SWAP-bfz), a browser allows all of this data to be viewed in combination with live sensor data from the field (flow, pressure, level). Through integration with a billing software, monthly water balances can be made, allowing staff to identify the size of Non Revenue Water (NRW). Alerts for thresholds exceeded or not reached allow technical managers to act before things get out of hand. A smart phone application allows the technical manager to assign job cards to field staff and tracking their status throughout. The same smart phone is also being used to do a full customer identification survey, aimed at cleaning up the billing software, aligning it with the GIS data and helping reduce commercial losses.

We are looking for WSPs, WRUAs, Small Service Providers and NGOs who are interested in the above and whom we could further test and expand our system with.

Philip Mwai's picture

Dear Mark,

This is a very interesting product. I love it and can see its applicability in the 60 or so public WSPs in Kenya. They are in dire need of a system like this, having tried to pilot a simillar product in two WSPs as part of a programme for promoting public private partnerships in the water sector. I hope that your pilot is going well in Kericho. It would be interesting to share experiences on piloting such a system in WSPs.

We have a small water project (two schemes) that is currently nearing completion in Kiambu county. A monitoring system such as yours would prove valuable if it was in place, especially prior to commencement of operations. I hope to get in touch with you soon to discuss the feasibility of this system for the schemes.

All the best.

Philip Mwai