Sixteen (16) ATMOS41 installed for weather and climate services dvpt in Rwanda


ATMOS 41 sites in Rwanda

Following the Memorandum of understanding between (MoU) signed between TAHMO and Meteo-RWANDA in May 2017, both institution collaborated in installing Sixteen (16) TAHMO Third-Generation Automatic weather stations (ATMOS41) at different sites which were collaboratively indentified in 2017 (Figure below). The installation activity last for one week (20th - 30th March 2018) and targeted Integrated Polytechnic Colleges (IPRCs), Secondary Schools, Universities and Government institutions. They are placed at the academic institutions to ensure long term security of stations security, provide technical and educational support, adding richness to educational and curriculum and helping foster a new generation of scientists in weather and climate science. The stations have been provided and installed in order to develop a robust network of Automatic weather stations in Rwanda and use weather data to support agricultural, weather/climate information, predictions and monitoring, etc.

Fig: Stations sites in Rwanda:

1. Groupe Scolaire Saint Pierre de NKOMBO, Nkombo, Rusizi, Western Rwanda;
2. Groupe Scolaire Sainte Marie Reine de RWAZA, Remera, Musanze, Northern Rwanda;
3. Integrated Polytechnic College of Musanze (IPRC), Musanze IPRC Musanze, Northern Rwanda;
4. College Saint Bernard de KANSI, Kansi, Gisagara, Southern Rwanda
5. Integrated Polytechnic College of KITABI (IPRC), Kitabi, Nyamagabe, Southern Rwanda;
6. College de RUSHAKI, Rushaki, Gicumbi, Northern, Rwanda
7. Groupe Scolaire Sainte Marie Reine de MIBILIZI, Gashonga, Rusizi, Western Rwanda
8. Ecole Secondaire de KIGOMA, Ruhango, Southern Rwanda;
9. IDP Model Village of NYUNDO, Mugunga, Gakenke, Northern Rwanda;
10. Petit Seminaire Saint Dominique Savio, RWESERO, Bukure, Gicumbi, Northern Rwanda;
11. University of Rwanda (UR) /College of Agriculture, Environment and Veterinary Medicine, Busogo, Musanze, Northern Rwanda;
12. Ecole Secondaire de NYANGE, Nyange, Ngororero, Western Rwanda,
13. ECOSE MUSAMBIRA, Musambira, Kamonyi, Southern Rwanda;
14. APAKAPE KAYOVE, KAYOVE, Rutsiro, Western Rwanda;
15. GASHORA Girls Academy of Science and Technology, Gashora, Bugesera, Eastern Rwanda;
16. METEO-RWANDA HQ, Gitega, Nyarugenge, City of Kigali.

The ATMOS41 was provided with solar charger for self-powered operation with 6-month back-up battery; GSM, GPS, 3-axis accelerometer (12-bit), compass (+/-1 deg), reporting hourly, with 5 min readings, 5 ports for external sensors (SDI-12). Data collected from sensors each 5 minutes, transmitted via GSM to internet each hour. All station are working well and measures 12 weather variables including: Air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, barometric pressure, wind speed, gust and direct solar radiation, precipitation, lightning strike counter and distance.

Data from the station will be used to develop weather and climate advisory services to city dwellers, tourists, farmers and other sectors such as research and education institutions, etc.

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