Farmers' needs in weather predictions and information, Musanze District, Northern Rwanda


On Wednesday 5th July, a group of 26 farmer cooperative representatives met with Severe Weather Consult staff to discuss their needs in weather information & prediction, how and when do they wish to receive it. SWC is aware that farmers have an great and hard job working day to day out in all different types of weather. SWC looks forward to make things a little bit easier and friendly to farmers by providing timely and accurate weather information and predictions that is easily accessed to help farmers in Musanze plan their farming practices. Timely and accurate weather predictions & information give farmers the ability and knowledge to make right, correct and timely decisions to protect and better manage their farms land, livestock and production.

SWC staff with farmers in a group photo SWC staff in a group photo with farmers after the meeting on their needs in weather information services 

''As famers in Musanze, we believe in the use of mobile phone to receive and use weather forecast '' Jacques said. Should a farmer apply fertiliser & pesticides today or tomorrow? What days of next week would be best to inject seeds in the soil? Should a farmer start harvesting potatoes today or tomorrow? These are examples of questions that are much easier to find answers if you have a technology to deliver weather information to farmers. Pascal, Said.

Overall, farmers preferred to receive daily and seasonal forecasting via mobile phone in a form of short message and voice. Famers are ready to forecast.

SWC staff interacting with farmers on their needs in weather information services 



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Great read and nice photo's. When you explain your service to the farmers. what questions do they come up with? What are their concerns? Could you tell a bit more about that.