Why I want you to steal my ideas

Seth Godin
Knowledge hub

In his short blog [a recommended read of only 2,5 pages], Seth Godin strongly makes the case for sharing ideas; "Ideas can’t be stolen, because ideas don’t get smaller when they’re shared, they get bigger".

Godin emphasises that our economy is changing. From an industrial economy of scarcity (with the main underlying idea that what’s not yours is mine), we are now growing towards an economy dependent on connections. In this new economy, many different individuals and companies contribute to the same end product or goal. It should therefore favour the sharing of ideas. He acknowledges that some organisations still adhere to the ideas of the old economy and are against knowledge sharing/stealing. But Godin states: "When you stop seeking and merely consume, you let us all down". Instead, he advises to focus on stealing good ideas, use them for the benefit of all, and credit the creator of the original idea.