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As VIA Water we not only want to support innovative urban water projects in our 7 focus countries financially but we want to support you in writing your teaser and full proposal as well. We want to give you the freedom to decide for yourself how to design and set-up your proposal and therefore we have no fixed format.

All requirements for the teasers and full proposals are listed in the roadmap_to_via_water_support.pdf(452.7 KB) We see however that it would help, improve and speed up the procedure if we give advice on some of the most important aspects of the proposal writing process. This is why we developed a Toolbox with the help of MDF.

We hope this support is not only usefull for your VIA Water application but can help you in your next career step as well.

On this webpage you will find tools and videos explaining the most challenging aspects of the proposal writing process. You can pick and choose topics depending on your specific needs.

All of the pictures are clickable and lead you to videos or webpages with more information:

1. The one with the 9 most frequent pitfalls and how to avoid them



2. The one that helps you to make a start

3. The one with advice on how to structure your proposal



4. The one that explains  VIA Water innovation
5. The one on the theory of change



6. The one on the business canvas (borrowed from DIY)
7. The one on SWOTs
(borrowed from KS Tools)



8. The one on Risks and how to deal with them

9. The one on the results chain


  10. The one on planning

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