VIA Water Learning Tour: Enhancing the skills of young entrepreneurs


Skills has been a major barrier for many  budding young entrepreneurs in Ghana. Thanks to VIA Water, skills will no longer be a barrier for them to accelerate to the next level. The just ended VIA Water Learning Tour in Ghana provided participants with sought after skills in proposal writing, innovative thinking, customer development, business development, project management as well as pitching ideas.

I would like to say a big thank you to the organisers for putting together an excellent training programme. These kind of opportunities are very rare for  many budding entrepreneurs in Ghana. I believe the contents of the training  met the learning expectations of the majority of the participants.  And I trust that we will all endeavour to apply the newly acquired skills to solve problems in the water sector.

Considering the kind of energy that was demonstrated by most young entrepreneurs at the event, I believe that the water sector has a great future. Let's all keep with the momentum!