VIA GO week and Café

13 project owners in The Netherlands


Photo: Annemiek Kool
From Sunday onwards, 13 of our project owners will convene in The Netherlands for a week-long learning event. They will receive training on the investment landscape, on marketing and leadership. They will also conduct field visits to Dutch organisations that are of interest to them. All with the objective to prepare the innovators for the continuation of their project after the VIA Water programme ends for them.

Photo: Twitter Henk OvinkOn Wednesday, they will pitch their project to the VIA Water network, at the first ever VIA Water Café in The Netherlands (an invitation-only event). Besides the project pitches and networking, Silas Mvulirwenande will speak. He is a Postdoc researcher on social water innovations in Africa, for which VIA Water is used as a case. Henk Ovink, Special Envoy International Water Affairs, will also speak.

If you are interested to join the VIA Water Café on Wednesday (from 2PM onwards in Rotterdam), send us an email at