Eco Tile Plant commissioned and production commences


First batch of Forest green roofing tiles made from recycled plastics

Trace successfully commissioned their much awaited Eco tile plant with the technical support of their South African partner Tereco at the start of October. The commissioning entailed an elaborate training on the production process, machinery maintenance and health and safety for workers.

It was all jolly for the team who made Forest green tiles as the first batch. The production of these tiles require recycled plastics as one of the key ingredients and therefore our company is helping reduce plastic pollution from the environment.

The tiles are very strong and hard to break as compared to other options such as clay and concrete. They are light hence minimizing costs of heavy trusses during construction. They do not allow growth of molds making them retain their nice appeal for a longer duration of time and also help trap clean water for storage. Being good sound insulators, they minimize noise from rain unlike iron sheet roofs. They are also good in temperature regulation, keeping the house warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Last but not least, they are 100% recyclable. We can therefore buy them back from our clients upon their end life (estimated to be 50 years) to make new roofs at a discounted price.

We are excited to launch and test these new roofing alternatives in to Kenyan market and in the process help manage waste, create jobs in the process and make a profit. A triple bottom line approach; people, planet and profit. Lets see how it all goes!

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear 'Trace',

This must have a great day after so long waiting. Meanwhile one of your tiles is exposed in our office and is receiving much appreciation and enthousiasm. Happy to see that you take care of all required safety aspects at such a production site. Heading for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018?