Dreaming to succeed, daring to fail

Blog by VIA Water project participant EnterWASH 


Young Experts Lisa Freiburg and Eric Osei (MDF) are tasked to develop and implement a training programme for young entrepreneurs. With the support of VIA Water they now have the opportunity to test their concept in practice.

As Lisa puts it, it is important for their project that VIA Water isn't afraid of ideas failing:

'Of course, VIA Water isn’t aiming for failure, and neither are we with EnterWASH. However, ViaWater recognise (and so do we!) that one needs to be able to make mistakes and learn from them in order to succeed. For innovation to take place, we need to fail fast and often in such a way that it helps us pivot our thinking and activities at the right moments, without losing sight of our goals.'

Read Lisa's inspiring blog to learn why it is important to embrace failure if you want to learn here

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