Lessons learned from efforts to build inclusive energy markets in developing countries

Shell Foundation
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We can learn from big companies - even if not everything they do aligns with our ideas, lessons learned remain a very valuable asset. We want to share the lessons learned by the Shell Foundation, linked to their work in developing countries. Their insights can be applied to the water sector and are valuable for you as innovators and for us as programme managers. We recommend to at least read the executive summary which explains more about the main six lessons learned:

  • Pioneers require significant early-stage support to test, adapt and validate new models;
  • Don't expect early adopters of modern energy solutions to be the poorest of the poor;
  • Tackling energy poverty will require urgent innovation across the whole energy value chain;
  • A new range of financial solutions will be required for inclusive markets to grow;
  • Early focus on talent development is crucial to the long-term viability of energy enterprises;
  • Systemic change will rely on the creation of global institutions and industry networks.