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    Resources: A review of resources and published papers on water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries...

  • Proposal writing toolbox

    As VIA Water we not only want to support innovative urban water projects in our 7 focus countries financially but we want to support you in writing your teaser and full proposal as well. We want to give you the freedom to decide for yourself how to design and set-up your proposal and therefore we have no fixed format....

  • VIA Water overview of online knowledge sources

    We are proud to present you this booklet which provides an overview of platforms where extra information can be found linked to each Pressing Need of VIA Water. It does not provide all sources we know off, but is intended to be a first stepping stone.  ...

  • Proposal writing

    There are organisations and platforms where best practices and ideas can be shared and information can be gained on proposal writing. Please find a few below. Do you know platforms or knowledge hubs you would like to share with us? Please let us know us via

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