How to create a sponge town?

Sponge Teams of Kajiado and Kwa Vonza
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There are tens of thousands of towns in the world but only a few can be called ‘sponge towns’. These are towns with enough water for everyone throughout the year, with functional green areas, that act as a buffer against floods and that are capable of redistributing water in times of drought. These specially designed towns safeguard the water needs of a community.

This guideline is based on the experiences and learnings from the Sponge Teams of Kajiado and Kwa Vonza (Kenya) under the VIA Water programme supported by Aqua for All. It aims to guide and inspire practitioners on interventions for water management and re-greening of small towns.

For more information about these projects, please visit the Sponge Towns Kajiado and Sponge Towns Kitui project pages.