Webinar Faecal Sludge

15 December 2015 14:00

Let's be frank, not many people like to talk about poo. However, we all create it, and most of us do it in environments where toilets are not available, or not connected to a sewage system. Big challenge is how to clean the faecal sludge, gathered in those toilets. Many VIAWater projects work on this issue, and take it a step further: how to make the best use of the faecal sludge, and change it from a stinky, dirty, unhealthy pile to a useful source for cooking, composting and energy?

We want to highlight this important topic, and support our Faecal Sludge (teaser) projects by organising a webinar on December 15th with Jan Spit, our first VIA Water expert. In this webinar you will be able to discuss any issue you might have run into during your work on this topic, and ask Jan any question you might have. Jan will also kick off by sharing some of his insights. For more information about his background, visit his website

Check out Jan's invitation in the short clip below. On the 15th, you will be able to access the webinar through this link: http://bbb.ihe.nl/demo/create.jsp?action=invite&meetingID=VIA+Water+Webinar%27s+meeting. Please keep an eye on this webpage for any changes that might occur.

Hope to see you on the 15th of December at 14:00 hours CET (UCT +1).