WODEC's Participation -Skills Seminar in Nairobi


Our participation in this skills seminar is crucial in informing the quality of our projects with via water and other of our fellow grantees. My expectations in this seminar is to establish strong linkages and score on project leadership skills to improve on our projects and future engagements and partners with Via water, partners and donors.

This seminar also gives us an opportunity to establish strong networks with simillar project orientation to find our ways of collaborative projects in the future. I also get an opportunity to understand other participants' project and the great impacts that they are achieving in their respective communities.

I want to compliment the efforts that VIA water is putting in place to give birth to the life-touching projects; specifically i commend on the levels of personnel and financial resources to small organization like WODEC.


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Day 1 -VIA Water Sharing skills seminar -Nov 28-30

I want to just say that I was lucky to be enjoined to these wonderful people who have wonderful and amazing innovative project from the seven Via water targted Countries in Africa. I believe that If this will be the trend of Africa's innovativeness; we are in to move to the next levels from 3rd wolrd, developing, unto middleincome counties and finally into a globalized developed world.

The participants were down to earth with their projects and implementations skills ! what about the facilittators and the Via Water and Aqua for all teams; you really made my day today and I say thank you . I learnt alot

Go go go go go ! Via Water and Aqua for all