Question from Sanivation in Kenya


While the VIA Water Innovation Challenge participants are working hard on their proposals, a question during the last online session on Friday popped up by Dickson Ochieng. Dickson works for Sanivation. They deliver household sanitation services to urbanizing communities in Kenya. They install container-based toilets inside people's homes for free, and charge a monthly subscription for waste collection and then transform the collected waste into briquettes. His question is:

What are the best practices in providing services for employers that will benefit the employees? 

What do you know about this? Send us a comment with information or links about organisations and/or companies who already have experience with these kind of services. Thank you.

Willemijn Nagel's picture

Hi Dickson, I have put a lot of new reports in the Knowledge Hub about best practices and hopefully other interesting material. Let me know if it helps improving your proposal.  If you filter for 'sanitation' in the knowledge hub, you will find them.