The Workshops and Game Jam


chezo winners

The project has run on well and on to schedule and is now in its final stage, The Collaborative Stage.
But before that, an update on the 2 workshops:-

The serious gaming startup workshop aimed to initiate learning about serious gaming and for participants to have a go at designing games in a safe, practice environment. The workshop was based on the Triadic Game Design (TGD) book by dr. Casper Harteveld (published in 2011 by Springer) and aimed to educate participants about serious game design. Essentially TGD is a methodology for serious game design

Train-the-trainer workshop focused on teaching usage and facilitation of existing games. Participants gained experience with playing serious games and creating their own workshops around them.

The Game Jam, a hackathon, on developing a serious gaming concept, happened on the first weekend of October and Ran for 48 hours attracting almost 50 participants.
There were three team winners and a fourth winning the popular vote. The winning teams are now undergoing the collaboration stage of the project where they will get mentorship for 4 months to actualise their concepts to a game.