The Innovation Challenge Ongoing... (Helpful, Active, Competitive, ...)


Dear members of VIA Water Community,

I'm Maurice ABAYO, one of the Amigos having the innovative project titled "Smart Water Storage and Delivery" within our own company "INDOGOBE SMART WATER LTD". And i'm also one of the participants of the online Accelerator Program.

This is a pleasure to share with you what is going on in the VIA Water Innovation Challenge Workshop (Online Accelerator Program).

This online acceleration program, having the purpose of supporting us like the 8 finalists to write a sound proposal for a pilot which will be assessed by the VIA Water Advisory Committee for support, is provided by Africa Funded.

So, here we just came to finish our third week, 3 remaining. During the last 3 weeks, we really shared our ideas between partcipants and get some guidelines from the program staff and experts:


  • First week: On the beginning, It's just Introductions; They introduce to us What is VIA Water and Why this workshop, What will be the output after this workshop. They gave us a good schedule that we will working in. We, also as participants, presented ourselves within our innovative projects and we mentioned also what are our expectations through this workshop. The first day was very exciting and very very wonderful to share everything with people of different countries.
  • Second week: We proceed with the business model canvas where they just explained us what is a business model, Why should we make a business model for our project and how can we proceed to complete the business model canvas so that to get a reasonable and profitable business.
  • Third week: We are now in our third week session where this friday we just shared our ideas on how to recognize our customers and get to know what are their needs. Through the Customer Empathy map, this will help us to make a good research on customer detecting. Today also, we discuss on the proposal requirements and see if we found already some complications doing our proposals.  Next week, we will proceed with the aspect of Organisation (Partners+Team)

Not only Friday sessions, but we do also work in other days with some experts for individual coaching where the Workshop staff and experts call us and discuss together on the update of our project proposal, guiding us where we should make more efforts to be able to build a strong and reliable business.

I reall appreciate this online accelerator program and look forward on the upcoming weeks sessions.

Best Regards!

ABAYO Maurice