Accelerator session with MellowCabs


By:Nafisatu Ahmed- Particiant, VIA Water Accelerator Program

The following are my key takeways from Neil, the founder of MellowCabs:

  1. Partnerships:  First, aligning  what you want to do with your idea with government plans gets you the needed support. Second, attending  competitions is another way to find potential partners. This second point resonates with my own experience. In May this year, I entered my idea into a social innovation challenge in Ghana. Although my idea made it to the finals of the competition, I did not win. However, one good thing about the competition was that I was able to find a partner which culminated in to the creation of our start-up.
  2. Results : You need the results from the pilot of your idea to attract investors. Investors will support you ideas if they are satisfied with the result from you pilot.
  3. Growth engine: Developing a growth engine which is focused on public relations will get people to understand what you are trying to achieve. This will enable many people as possible to know about your product or service.
  4. Stakeholder relationship: You need to get the key stakehoders involved in your pilot. Maintain a good relationship with your key stakeholders to them to get  support your idea.
  5. Marketing: This will enable you to get feedback from your customers.
  6. Work life/Balance: It is important to keep the right balance with your business and family. You should not  spend all your time on your business. Spend quality time with family and friends to provide you the positive energy to carry on with your business.