Stakeholder Workshop


Group discussions on water harvesting systems during stakeholder workshop

On Thursday 27th of April the stakeholders of Kwa Vonza have gathered, together with the students, County officials and Sponge team. We join with the existing platform of SymbioCity, so to streamline our activities and build upon this foundation. The stakeholders are already familiar with Sponge Towns, though this workshop is focused specifically to hear their opinion and solutions. As a validation for the issues which have risen from the baseline survey, and to identify and prioritize possible solutions.

The workshop was very lively and interactive, with a lot of suggestions from the participants. The interest was high and many different stakeholders were represented, including: village elders, teachers, water vendors, boda-boda drivers, town-cleaners, and students.

Three teams of students were also present during the workshop. They are now working on designs for Sponge Town Kwa Vonza. The 3 teams have 2 weeks of doing fieldwork, asking Kwa Vonza citizens, sketching water harvesting systems and combining this into a holistic plan for the town. After this we come together again with the stakeholders of Kwa Vonza to discuss and plan for what can be done.

Exciting times for the people of Kwa Vonza :)