Second carwash wastewater recycling technology installed in Accra


Field installation in Accra

We have successfully installed the second recycling system for carwash wastewater in Ghana’s national capital, Accra at Sesil car wash station ( This station depends on the public water utility for water to wash cars. However, the intermittent water flow compels the station owner to buy water from water tankers at an exorbitant price. This drives up their operational expenses and reduces their profits. The installation of this system has therefore come as a great relief since it will save them the cost of buying water for their operations. Results from the initial test runs show impressive water quality suitable for reuse. In the coming weeks, we will monitor the performance of the system and make the necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operation. We will also showcase this system to other carwash station owners in Accra to strike a business deal with them so they can also have the system installed at their stations. Gradually, we will put an end to water wastage and environmental pollution associated with the car wash industry in Ghana and beyond.

Shabana Abbas's picture

Good work Isaac! Very much looking forward to visit and see for myself. 

Great idea to partner up with Sesil on this.