Reconnaissance visit to Kwa Vonza


Road Drainage Dump

Kitui Sponge Town Team (SASOL, SEKU and MetaMeta) carried out a joint reconnaissance visit in Kwa Vonza. We observed some of the challenges in town and start to think of possible solutions to create an urban water buffer. Some nice business case ideas are already popping up. We observed poor storm water drains, soil erosion and a strong lack of water sources. At the moment the only working water kiosk, linked to the Masinga dam pipeline, is turned off and people solely rely on water vendors that fetch water from a nearby sandy river. Pollution hazard is also high. Trash is dumped in the main storm drain, which leads water to the river where water is sourced.

At the same time 5 students/graduates from SEKU are busy collecting first hand data from the different neighborhoods. This survey is carried out using Open Data Kit (ODK), an open source platform tablet app that allows to collect both quantitative and qualitative geo-referenced data.