Project Inception Meeting


Ikolya River, dried up

On 6th October 2016, a half day project inception meeting was held in Kiima Kiu-Kalanzoni Ward, bringing together representatives of community groups with an interest in the conservation of the Ikolya River. Ikolya River is one of the rivers in Kilome Sub-County that is highly degraded due to sand mining.
The meeting was attended by 62 community members drawn from 40 different groups. The meeting was also attended by the area local chief and the Member of County Assembly.
ELCI project staff took the opportunity to officially introduce the project to the target community, explaining the scope, objectives and expected results of the 2- year project.
A lot of enthusiasm on the project was exhibited by both local community and the provincial and county leadership. The project comes at a time when sections of the community are putting efforts to carry out restoration activities such as building gabions as well county government efforts that include awareness creation and construction of sand dams.
The Negotiated Approach will be crucial in empowering the stakeholders and particularly the resource users in negotiating with other stakeholders to agree on trade offs.

Willemijn Nagel's picture

Dear Halinishi, 

Thank you for the update on your interesting project. Do you have perhaps a picture of the present situation of the Ikolya River. I am curious if you can see the degrading due to the sand mining?

Best regards and looking forward meeting you in November, Willemijn

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Dear Halinishi, I have read your project progress with interest. Great initiative this inception meeting with all the stakeholders. I hope you were able to keep everything under control!

I am helping out at Via Water preparing for the Conference you are attending in Nairobi at the end of this month. For each attending project, I am trying to put together a bullit-point-style short description of each project, for the information I can find online. So, 'Objectives', 'Innovation', 'Expected Results', 'Useful for'.... Can you please help me out and describe in one or two sentences what the innovation and the Expected Results are for this project, so I can include that in your project summary for the Conference Book? Many thanks, Brigitte. 

P.S. I am using your picture that I found online here. It is a little bit of low quality. If you could send me a better picture of yourself (headshot), that would be great. You can use the following email address: