MWM & Collins at EXPO PLAMA conference 2016


MWM and Collins during PLAMA conference October 2016

Mozambican Water Platform (PLAMA) promoted an exhibition on the AQUASHARE Conference in Maputo from 26th to 27th October, The EXPO-PLAMA Conference 2016. This expo is a wide field where the main players on the water sector can present their services and trends the market. Were several state authorities joined the visits to our stand and the highlighted moment was with the of Mr. Carlos Bonete Martinho, The Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources and also Dr. Luiza Diogo, ex-First Minister of Mozambique and presently, Barclays Bank CEO.
The visitors had opportunity to present and testify the magnificent technology of reading the water meters. This time, as the project has developed furthermore the application, we could show the new camera loop that allows the app to select and take the picture on the optimum stage while the user is only focusing to the meter. The reader (or the user) does not need to click on the mobile phone, just open the app, the camera and automatically the meter is recognized and the picture is taken for reading purposes.
Both Mobile Water Management partner of COLLINS, Ltd are PLAMA active members and had the opportunity to participate at the conference and get to know better other companies operating in water sector in Mozambique. It is clear that the expectances are high to the point of one of the major water utility company in Maputo expresses thee interest in piloting a new project with the application.
For the partnered companies, this was a great moment to show other to the private and public sector the stage, the potential and the benchmark of our innovation, a technology to read water meters via mobile phone, providing in that way a wide opportunity for other kind of business and most important improving the efficiency of the water supply utility companies.
This Photo illustrate a moment when Jonas Massingue (Mobile Water Management) & Pedro Cardoso(COLLINS) showing the app to the Minister of Public Work, Housing and Water Resources.