MWM Meter Reader App ready for implementation within Collins


Final Version Hand Over
The final version of MWM app has been made available for the implementation plan into its daily operations at COLLINS Water Systems, project partner since July 2017.
This is possible through a combination with EticaData ERP 17, where meter readings can be saved/sent to the App in real time. This milestone is essential to the final outcome of this passionate process.

Benefits of Mobile Meter Reading Technology.
All readings from the field are uploaded to the MMW server, validated and exported to Eticadata, through an API, were they are converted to invoices to customers. This improves Collins processing time considerably, reducing mistakes, human error and most importantly the transparency and documented proof of the reading. This builds trust between customers and the water service provider.
The last version of the app allows the staff (meter readers) to show the consumption per household to each customers. Historic meter values per household and names of the reader that took the measurements of the water meter are also incorporated in the information.

Above screenshots illustrate the new app interface improving the ease of the reading routine and quality of data collected:
 List of customers
 The data capture screen with manual control verification
 Record of historic values for water consumption.

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear Jonas, Pedro, Hajo and others,

Great to see that you have finally reached the desired output! Taking the last mile was not that easy, but now you have something to show and to build on. Congratulations.

Would be good to get more insights in actual reliability and follow the performance and client/consumer satisfaction in a next update.