Karumuna Farmers Harvesting


Karumuna farmers are doing very well and have started harvesting kale. Our star farmer Julie harvested 14 bunches of Kale at once.

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Great work! Is the kale attracting some market attention? And will Julie continue to grow and harvest kale or will she also be branching out to other plant products using her hydroponics kit?

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The kale still needs a lot more promotion to have a good market size here. A lot of people don't know it, these farmers in karumuna some of them have started incorporating it into their meals so we are encouraging them to share with their fellow coop members on how to prepare it correctly. 

Julie says that she will follow the market, depending on what vegetables have high return

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Is there an alternative to kale which might be easier to break into the market?

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I suggest local famers at karumuna can go for vertical planting cucumbers they are commonly consumed and lack inthat area.