Join us: LOGO Sharing Sources for Sanitation and Against Poverty


Last week we posted an article on Sharing Sources, called “The bright side of sharing sources”.

It was an appeal to look differently at sharing your inventions and innovations for sanitation. We received lots of positive feedback and more than 800 views and realised that we are not the only project who choose for SHARING SOURCES FOR SANITATION AND AGAINST POVERTY.

We made a logo which from now on we will use on all our communication: video´s, updates, reports etc. Showing that we are willing to share our designs and ideas.

We invite anyone who also is “willing to share” to use the logo. You can download it from this website or mail us for the jpg-file at

On behalf of the Biological Urban Sanitation Team, Maputo,

Annemarieke Mooijman

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The Logo has not been copied from the AKVO website. Could you please correct?

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