Introducing EnterWASH


Dear VIA Water community, 

Greetings from Ghana! It is my pleasure to introduce to you the latest addition to the VIA Water projects: EnterWASH! 

EnterWASH is a project initiated by MDF West Africa in collaboration with the Fair River International Association for Development (FARIAD). In the coming year, we will be piloting EnterWASH: our solution to addressing the challenges in water, sanitation and hygiene in the country, as well as to empower unemployed Ghanaian youth to start their own business. Among other things, the programme involves a training and mentoring programme on entrepreneurship and innovation in WASH; a WASH enterprise fund through crowdfunding; and the development of a WASH enterprise support network in Ghana.

In preparation of developing this programme we started a blog, where you can already read about our reflections and learnings: 

You can also have a look at our project profile here:  & here: htttp://

We are at the start of an exciting project and welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions! Look forward to sharing our learnings with you all!

Best wishes, 



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Great Concept to turn around the fortune of young people