Inspiration from the pod toilet

We would like to share this short video of the "Handy Pod floating toilet innovation" with you. Apart from the super cool name we were intrigued by two things that were shown here.

The video shows an innovation made by Wetlands Work! that is implemented in Cambodia. The innovators saw a clear need: people were getting ill from drinking, cooking and swimming in water that was polluted with the E. coli bacteria. This prevented people from working and children from going to school. The reason the water is polluted lies in the fact that people living in the village which is made out of floating houses used the river as open sewer.

The two things that we were intrigued by are:

  • Wetlands Work! saw the problem, had a gist of what the solution should be (treating the waste water before it enters the river) and worked for years to find an innovation that works. Innovation can take a long time and developing the best prototype as well. Innovation requires determination and the wish to change something for the better.
  • The innovators now have a functioning prototype but still spend a lot of time to ensure the local population accepts the change and implements it well. One of the things they did was use a latrine pan the local population was already accustomed to, thus integrating familiar design into their innovation.

Now the innovators are looking for ways to upscale their business by implementing the handy pod floating toilet in Bangladesh.

We hope this story inspires you as much as it inspired us!