Input needed! 2017: what activities should VIA Water undertake?


Next week (3rd of November 2016), the VIA Water team has their annual brainstorm meeting, where we reflect on last years' programme but also look forward to next year: 2017. Which activities of VIA Water would help both our potential project owners, still busy with their proposal, as well as the project owners of running projects? What should we do to stimulate further knowledge exchange? Which other stakeholders should be involved in our programme? What sort of support is needed to make our innovations successful?

Since our activities target YOU, we like to hear your ideas on our 2017 activities. Will you let us know?

Titia Wouters, programme manager VIA Water

Lisa Freiburg's picture

Hi Titia, 

One of the things that we find difficult is how to reach out to the media (i.e. beyond social media), so I think it would be great if you could help us with linkages with media outlets in the Netherlands and in the target countries (e.g. OneWorld; local newspapers). Since media exposure is important for especially start-ups to get more market and 'warm' society for your innovation, I think it would be very helpful if VIA Water could provide a helping hand in this regard! Good luck with the brainstorm! Greetings from Ghana, Lisa

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Thanks Lisa and Soeren for your valuable comments. More still welcome!