Bridging worlds and ideas - impression of the first session of the VIA Water Innovation Challenge


Staring at the computer for the online session with all participants of the challenge Yeah! We did it!

That was our first reaction after the intensive, online, almost 2 hour session with 12 people from 5 different countries.

We got almost everyone on board, sometimes people could not talk, had a bad connection, or had to leave us for a couple of minutes to buy extra internet minutes, but overall it was great. People introduced themselves, so now everyone knows which idea people are trying to develop and we heard about their expactations of the Challenge. 

People are eager to learn from each other, from other experiences, are curious to find out more about the Canvas business model and how to write a strategic plan. Some are just beginning with an idea, others are already real business men and looking for conquering the world with their idea. It felt as a good kick-off and I hope everyone is just as excited as I am and willing to put a lot of effort in their idea development. This is your chance and Saskia is there to help you grow your concept to the next stage. Good luck to you all! Greetings, Willemijn

Kevin Mureithi's picture

It was indeed a great start for the acceleration programme. Despite the technical challenges, we managed to interact and atleast get a feeling of what the programme will be. I personally look forward to the deep dive sessions in financial models and meeting the other mentors in the programme.

Dick Bouman's picture

 We had a great group! Participants provided very good insights on their view on the main VIA Water principles, already. This is a good show of trust, meaning that we have a good basis for the following sessions. 

Dickson Ochieng's picture

Really enjoyed the last sesssion. Every participant and the group of entrepreurs have great ideas. Looking forward to a great learning experience.