Hurray! Filtered water accumulates to 144,000 liters/week by March 2018


Tulip Filters Market attracks lots of crowd and filters lots of water

As much as 144,000 liters/week was achieved by the 200 households using the tulip filters. This yielded 78.12% of sales revenue by close of March 2018. Though we missed our target by 21.88% we are happy because the 200 households are using their filters and our risk plan is due to be rolled out.
In March 2018 we realized an increase in filtering up to 210 liters/household/week. A sample of 8 communities showed that drinking the filtered water has improved the health of 68 households due to reduction in complains of abdominal pains, diarrhea, and fever during the same period when they used to drink from contaminated sources.