Grow Vegetables and Win Water Harvesting Tanks!


KwaVonza residents using old sacks and tyres to grow crops

In KwaVonza the competition is opened for the best Kitchen Gardeners in town. All residents of KwaVonza fight for the victory. The reward being of course glory and honour, and moreover the gold, silver and bronze medal winners will win water harvesting tanks.

On Tuesday a practical workshop was held in KwaVonza. Together we tried 3 different techniques of kitchen gardening: sacks, old tires and pet bottles. The people were very enthusiastic and did very well in trying out several ways on how to use old material for growing vegetables.

Right now the floor is open for their creativity and new ideas!

At the end of February the assessment of the Kitchen gardens will take place. By then KwaVonza will have a rich variety of vegetables, grown in their own homes!

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear Luwieke,

Interesting to see your efforts to reach the general public. In finding new ways to do it, you could also have a look at our Brick&Gardening project in Mozambique. Chris did not like the rapid break down of the old bags and decided to enter the market with better quality bags. He also is experimenting with sub-surface systems to use grey water. Would be good to have exchange with Chris.


Luwieke Bosma's picture

Thanks for your suggestion Dick, will get in touch with Chris