Fixing ‘tools’ for MWM assisting and Collins Sistemas de Agua Team


Handle your phone with care!

Mobile Water Management and Collins Sistemas de Agua are preparing for the final field tests for the pilot project in Moamba. Together we provided the ‘working tools’ (phones) for the implementation of the technology with the goal of the app supporting Collins with SMART water management solutions (e.g. meter reading).
As we provided phones for the implementation of the technology, used by Collins Sistemas de Agua team on their reading rounds, one of the specific challenges we have is the usage of the working tool (mobile phones) in the field.
Examples of field usage of phones are; lost phones, broken phones or software issues on the phones.
With our combined technical department & services, we were prepared to support and assist where necessary. The photo illustrated some broken phones used by readers in their reading routines, facing these problems.
Our objective is to support and help the reading team to improve their work by having the tools (phones) in good working order. In such way we will be able to collect as much better photos of the meter values which supports the algorithm training for values recognition;
One of the lessons learned is ensure there is an incentivise model for the field staff to take good care of the phones and to make proper photos. With examples and rewards like these we hope to ‘trigger’ the staff to learn from good examples and to take care of the phones and the job.