Emboo River Camp


Ground view of our system with a tent in the background.

Located in Maasai Mara, this wastewater treatment project is of incredible importance for a few reasons.
1. Maasai Mara is one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves and forms one of the worlds most diverse, and spectacular eco-systems.
2. Maasai Mara is host to over 300 eco-lodges and hotels, several conservancies as well as the local pastoralist community.

Conservation of Maasai Mara relies heavily on a very delicate balance between human activities and wildlife, of which water and sanitation play a critical role.

Agua Kenyas project is the first in Maasai Mara to recycle water for reuse, closing the camps water loop. Our design received an endorsement from the Narok County government, as the first camp in Mara that does not a requirement of license for Waste-Water discharge.