Drip irrigation systems for Sale!


Drip Irrigation System installed along the road in Thiès Senegal
Video credit: Mamadou Diaw, DMS

As a result of our meeting with Weteringsplastic during the VIA-GO week, Mamadou is now experimenting with Drip irrigation systems without external drippers. All they do now is making a hole in the tube. The size of the hole and the distance between the holes will be important, because this is how to regulate how much water goes to the plants.

DMS has now started to sell their irrigation systems, since the quality problems have been resolved and it is high time for the company to make some money. Much effort will be put the following months in marketing and promotion. But sales have already begun and DMS frequently receives requests for quotations.

One project which has already been awarded and is now finalized, is a project for the municipality. Several km's of tubes have been installed along roads and in parks in Thiès to add to the city's green appearance. An important customer, so we are happy that DMS got the job!