COLLINS and MWM showcasing on PLAMA conference 2-3 dec


COLLINS and MWM have set up a joint stand to promote the innovation that is developed in the VIA Water project in Mozambique. The innovation is about the use of smartphones for reading water meters of the consumers. PLAMA is the Mozambican Water Platform, that connects the Public and the Private sectors acting on water in Mozambique.

For the first time in history we will showcase the innovation live(!). On a big flat-screen TV visitors will be able to see what the innovation does and how it works. It will be shown to the main players on the national water sector. The event will take place on 2 and 3 December in the Girassol Indy Village Conference Centre in Maputo, Mozambique.

Willemijn Nagel's picture

It was cool to have MWM and Collins as our guests in the first round of the VIA Water Knock Out Competition. The participants who have interest in developing their own idea, could now hear and see for themselves how Meinte and Pedro worked hard to get this new idea alife. We had the oppportunity to organize this first round as a side-event of the PLAMA conference, so this gave the participants also a huge networking opportunity to see all people working in the Mozambican water sector.

One interesting comment of Pedro Cardoso during the workshop answering a question from a participant asking what to do if you don't want your idea to get stolen. Pedro answered that only an idea not makes a viable business yet. Don't be afraid of stealing, because there is space enough for all kinds of businesses to provide target groups. By share your work and lessons learnt everyone can improve his idea and make it stronger and better fit for the people who need it.