Celebrating International Women's Day in style


Mary is one of the winners of a water harvesting tank

4 months ago we started the competition: who would have the best kitchen garden in town and win water harvesting tanks?! In those 4 months residents of KwaVonza started their own Kitchen Gardens. They used all types of old material and became very creative, already harvesting a lot of vegetables. Now it's time to harvest prices.

On International Women's Day the winners were announced. A wonderful event with singing and dancing. Three women celebrated their day in style: Josephine, Jenita and Mary deserved to take their tank home. Josephine had the most beautiful garden, combining flowers and vegetables. And she even wrote: "I love Sponge Town" in her Kitchen Garden! Jenita tried many different techniques and already taught 2 of her neighbors on the same. And Mary did a wonderful job with growing spinach, focusing on 1 technique very effectively.

Also all the other men and women did a wonderful job and are eager to improve their gardens. This is just a beginning, together we wish to kick-start a Kitchen Garden Movement, so that everybody will have their own kitchen garden.