BUS Video 9 BSF production and toilet inocculation


The life of a black soldier fly in a toilet in Maputo
Video credit: Filming Jaap Zomerplaag, Editing Siri Zomerplaag

BUS-team member Napoleao and the NGO Optar cultivate BSF and innoculate them in existing toilets in a community in Maputo, Mozambique

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Thanks for sharing! Great to see the cultivation process. How are the current inoculated community toilets doing?

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Every two weeks we are making video´s inside the pits of the first ten pilot toilets. So far, we experiment with the frequency of the inocculation. Seasonal fluctuations and its impact on the reproduction of the BSF make that we have not yet come to a clear agreement on how often this has to be done.

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Yes, I imagine environmental changes can greatly impact the life cycle and reproduction of the BSF. How long will the BSF inoculation monitoring phase go on for?