BUS Video 7.1 Training for female toilet producers: Introduction


Training for female toilet producers: Introduction
Video credit: Yvette van Dok and Siri Zomerplaag

The BUS project members have been so busy that the regular updates have been delayed.

The first 8 toilets have been in use since January-Febuary 2018 and they seem to function with the use of BSF and regular new inocculation. The colder season makes that the reproduction of the BSF has slowed down, so we expect that in the hot season it will even work better.

Meanwhile, the straught flush toilets (pia fantastica is the name we use inside Mozambique) using just one cup of water to flush, has gotten lots of attention from the community and beyond. The price is low, the product is strong, water use is low and the smell is limited and they look nice. As a result, we found 10 women and 1 men to be trained on the production of those toilets.

Three video´s give an impression of this training which took place from 26 to 28 June 2018.