BUS Video 5c. Managing the larvae


Escaping Larvae Black Soldier Fly
Video credit: BUS Project Staff Manuel and Inacio, Back-up support Bert Sonnenschein

Biological Urban Sanitation Project Maputo

The biological component of the project is new for WASH specialists. We have challenges in the cultivation and feeding of the larvae and also have to deal with escaping larvae. Observing and managing the escaping larvae is essential in the process of developing prototypes which are culturally acceptable and use-friendly.

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And do you know already why the larvae wanted to escape Björn?


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Yes, we know why they decided to escape. The ones that escaped were not real larvae but pre-pupae looking for a safe place to develop the pupae and become real flies. The poop eating real larvae don't escape. They stay where the food is…

Wind and rain made our pre-pupae all wet. They love that, and they are
specialists at making themselves flat to escape. With the bio-bed design this should not be a problem, assuming it properly built. We start testing in the coming weeks.

As always, information is important and that is why the questions like the one you raised help us to have answers ready when strange conditions occur. So please continue to challenge us.

Again, thank you for asking
Björn Brandberg, Biological Urban Sanitation Project, Maputo, Mozambique