BUS Text 8. Infographic BUS Project/documenting the unconventional way


When setting up this project, we made clear that we would not do the traditional documenting of preparing detailed progress report. We decided instead to focus on visual documenting using video monitoring of our project, project set-up and outcomes. The videoing and editing was a skill, the team members still had to learn, but gradually is getting into a better shape.

In a next step to visualise the project, we received support from Jaap Zomerplaag who drafted an infographic on the BUS project. In one page all detailed components and aspects of the project are presented. It also clearly shows the synergy between the toilet bowls and biological sanitation.

We think it is a great way to share our project with you.
On behalf of the BUS project team,

Annemarieke Mooijman

Dick Bouman's picture

Great to see this way of presenting the project. Did you test it with outsiders? From m y side the graph is helpful for understanding the project. But what about facts and figures? 

Annemarieke Mooijman's picture
Sure we showed to check if people understood the info graphic. So far only enthusiastic responses. These are all facts and figures. Don't understand your question. Details can be provided upon request