BUS Text 7. Training on Black Soldier Flies for community members


Training session

With already 15 toilets inoculated with black soldier flies (BSF), the BUS-team on August 7th and 8th 2018 orgnised a training on the location of NGO OPTAR in the community of Polana Canico. Around 10 selected community members attended the session. The goal of the training was to instruct the community members on the use of the BSF for biological sanitation purposes. The program started with an introduction of the life cycle of BSF in relation to the use for sanitation purposes by team members Napoleao Roque and Bjórn Brandberg. After that instructions were given on the cultivation of the flies and the larvae, following the explanation of the business opportunities for selling the larvae. The training was concluded with a group discussion on the lessons learned and a visit to different households with BSF toilets in place.

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Many thanks for sharing this update Annemarieke! An exciting phase of the project and for the community. Was the training session positively received?