BUS Text 6. Talent development and becoming a "Brilliant Entrepreneur"


Group Work

Over the past two weeks Yvette van Dok from the "Brilliant Entrepreneur" initiative in the Netherlands, https://www.briljanteonderneemster.nl/ , visited our project to support with activities on talent development and planning of the project until the end of 2018. With all her experience, she did establish the entrepreneur activities with special focus on female entrepreneurs as well as discussed with all project team members (5 project staff plus 2 NGO-staff) their role and talent within the project and helped to establish a local financial management system.

On 24 January 2018, we (the BUS project) invited the other ViaWater projects in Mozambique for a workshop by Yvette. Also Dick Bouman from ViaWater participated. It was a dynamic day with a room full of inventors and creative people (10 people). Talents were recognised, project focus was discussed and many ideas were shared and exchanged. At the end of the workshop all agreed it had been great to meet the other ViaWater people and plans were set up to visit each others projects.

Yvette, thank you very much! Hope to see you back.