BUS Text 5. The first larvae in latrines and visit from Embassy and Viawater


Straight Flush Latrine

On 23 January 2018, the 2nd and 3rd latrine have been inoculated with BSF in community Polana Canico in Maputo. This was part of the field visit of Dick Bouman from ViaWater, based in the Netherlands as well as Katrien van Krieken and Maya Bogers from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mozambique.

During the visit, the BUS-team also showed the production process of the Straight Flush Latrines, robust concrete pedestal latrines which use only 0.2 liter of water to flush.

Currently a training programme for the production of these latrines is being developed with the aim to train 10 female entrepreneurs.
After the 10 prototype latrines have been installed (and continue to be intensively monitored), additional 100 latrines will be part of the project. 20 latrines using just BSF, 40 latrines combining Straight Flush with BSF and 40 latrines using just Straight Flush

Below text was published on the Facebook site of the Embassy.

Time to talk toilets!

Yesterday, three families in the suburbs of Maputo received a toilet equipped with... larvae! These larvae convert human poop into seepage water and CO2, resulting in a sustainable (and natural!) way to get rid of almost all fecal matter.

In Mozambique, many people use traditional latrines (a big hole in the ground). These fill up quickly and must then be emptied manually: a pretty dirty job and a big health hazard. Thanks to the larvae, only a small amount of seepage water goes into the latrine, so there is much less need for emptying.

Moreover, if the system works well and many larvae grow, the larvae may even be harvested to use as feed for small farm animals. Now that's what we call up-cycling!

In this innovative pilot project, a total of 10 families will receive a larvae-latrine. The project is partially financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken) through their VIA Water programme. Other partners are Aqua for All, LCS promotion and Annemarieke Mooijman Consulting.

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear BUS team, I got enthousiastic positive feed back on the toilet design from the Sanitation Teams that I visited last week in Zambezia. And remarkably, I visited one constructed toilet that had the same poor-flush set-up as the BUS latrine. Meaning that not only the BSF is not alien to Mozambique, but also your toilet design. That could give a good boost to your toilets and project. It is a fantastic design. And I know that it took 1 year of efforts. 

Photo taken on wednesday 31/1/18 in Mopeia, Zambezia Province, Mozambique