BUS Text 3. Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Science and Technology


CITT and BUS Maputo staff after signing of MoU

On April 3rd 2017, Bjorn Brandberg signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Centro de Investigação e Transferência de Tecnologias para o Desenvolvimento Comunitário (Centre for research and transfer of technologies for community development), a centre within the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Mozambique for cooperation on the Biological Urban Sanitation Project in Maputo for the period April 2017-December 2018.

Through this MoU, the Centre will facilitate interinstitutional coordination between the project, institutions of higher education and research, the municipal authorities and communities; based on the outcomes of the project, they will promote biological sanitation and support training of trainers on biological sanitation; and support activities on technical and socio-economic acceptance with and for all stakeholders.