Browns Cheese


Brown's Cheese Herd

One of our first clients, Brown's cheese is arguably Kenya's finest cheesemaker, using all-natural ingredients and no additives. Brown’s Cheese has earned worldwide recognition, recently winning seven awards at the South Africa Dairy Championships. They are located in the heart of limuru and produce seventeen different varieties of cheese using milk from over 3,000 small hold farmers in the area as well as milk from their own small herd. They have a strong respect for the environment and have over the years used several methods to treat their wastewater including biodigesters, lagoons, and constructed wetlands with varying success. Brown's Cheese has appointed Agua Kenya Ltd. to install 100m2 of our floating green filter as well as 3.5 cubic meters of ElectroChar which we is manufactured from wood and agricultural waste products.
Electrochar is a carbon-based adsorbent material that facilitates the physical adsorption of contaminants on active sites of the material and co-localizes it with a bacterial bio-film. This process is highly effective at removing and ultimately biodegrading organic and inorganic pollutants in both aqueous and non-aqueous environments.