Agua Bio-Tech Center


Maurice preps plants for transfer to the matrix

We have now completed construction of our plant production center, a facility of excellence in Phytotech (The production of phytoremediation plants). The key to the effectiveness of this approach is selection and breeding of Phytoremediation plants which will be planted into the 'Agua Matrixes' and later floated on the surface of the wastewater lagoons.

The macrophyte plant’s Arenchyma (air channels) transport oxygen from the atmosphere down to the roots where they passively aerate the water. The roots passive aeration provides oxygen to fixed biofilm aerobic bacteria that breakdown nutrients and contaminants.

The Macrophyte roots not only aerate the surrounding water, but absorb nutrients and heavy metals with the help of the Fungus Glomus, which they use to grow and store into their foliage.