Too little, too much, The diverse sectoral challenges of water

ING Economics Department
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"50% of the world population lives in 7 countries that are prone to both water stress and flooding"

"Countries prone to water stress make up 57% of the global economy"

These facts gathered by the ING are not only a threat to the local population, but also to investors and entrepreneurs, who have to work in a constantly changing and insecure environment. In this short presentation on water, its challenges and the influence on the economy. The bank raises a few questions for reflection:

  • How to reflect the true value of water in economic decision making?
  • Are governments sufficiently addressing and investing in water challenges through their current policies and regulations?
  • To what extent has the private sector stepped up efforts to mitigate the impact of water challenges and can more be done?
  • What opportunities could arise for different stakeholders in the water sector to support collaboration and public private partnerships?