The Water Network

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The Water ​Network and ​AquaSPE ​

'AquaSPE's ​vision is to ​drive ​innovative ​solutions to ​the world's ​water crisis by ​connecting the ​experience of ​professionals ​around the ​world. ​

The Water Network  (TWN) is our ​primary ​strategic ​initiative to ​reach the goal ​of safe water ​and sanitation ​for everyone, ​everywhere. ​

TWN is the ​largest online ​knowledge ​sharing ​platform and ​business center ​for global ​water ​professionals ​with members ​from 190 ​countries.'

You can join the network for free; it has 8000 members who can answer your questions, discuss and share knowledge with you. It also houses a large online library, hosts thematic groups and much more.