The New Dynamism of the Knowledge-Creating Company

Hirotaka Takeuchi
Knowledge hub

Takeuchi has contributed to revolutionary books on knowledge and innovation: 'The knowledge creating company' (1995) and 'Enabling Knowledge Creation' (2000). 

The knowledge creating company explained that organisations do not only process knowledge, but create it as well. The better you are at creating, the more competitive your organisation is. Most importantly, it stated that there is explicit knowledge (can be conveyed through words, manuals, expressions) and tacit knowledge (intangible, consists of values, interpretation and perspectives). New knowledge is created when the tacit knowledge is transferred to explicit knowledge, and vice versa (from experience to manuals and back). Everyone in a company or organisation is important for creating knowledge and disseminating it.

In 'Enabling Knowledge Creation', the authors emphasised that knowledge cannot be controlled or managed, but that creation of it should be enabled.  Some of these processes are shortly and clearly explained in The New Dynamism of the Knowledge-Creating Company, by Hirotaka Takeuchi. The article " The New Dynamism of the Knowledge-Creating Company" highlights the lessons of both books, and emphasises how important it is to learn from other individuals and organisations.

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